Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Are Moving!

After much debate and back and forth, Tucker and I decided to shut this blog down and focus our other blog over at Two blogs are just too much to keep up with!

Don't worry...we will be writing about all of the same things and adventures in our lives. If you aren't already a reader of The Perfect Catch- please go jump over! See you soon.

Chelsea and Tucker

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Joined The Club

And got an IPhone, but just just an IPhone...but the new 3GS. So far I like it, but the touch screen does take some getting used to. I was a blackberry user for years and LOVED it so I am really going through key withdrawals, but all of the features and apps on the new iphone was too much to resist.
Anyone else take the plunge over? How has it been getting used to it and what are your favorite apps? I love that I can access Facebook, Twitter, and EOnline all at one. I can even read this wonderful blog instantly with one little tap. It's been great!
Anyone feel that they are ever too connected? I don't...I love it! Maybe I need professional help.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just Married!

Jason and I are married! We got back last week from Mexico and we then went straight to the airport to pick up Tucker from his pet hotel. We are all home and excited to be newlyweds! We are waiting for the professional pictures to come out, but here are a few from the day that friends took.

Tucker and I are excited to jump back on the blogging bandwagon! Talk to you soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost Married

Yay! Jason and I are getting married in 6 days! Then we will be off to Mexico for our honeymoon. Tucker is getting a vacation too and staying at his usual pet hotel. I am so lucky that I get to marry my best friend and man of my dreams in less than a week.

The postings will be light until we return, but head on over to our wedding blog, The Perfect Catch to read more about all of the details.

Talk to you soon!

Chelsea and Tucker

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meet Freddie!

It's 11pm on a Wednesday night-way past my bedtime. I've been doing a paper and presentation due tomorrow, am SUPER stressed about work/school and everything else going on, I have a crazy busy day tomorrow-so I should be in bed, BUT, I started drinking coffee at 8:30 tonight so I could write my paper therefore I can not even fathom sleeping...oh, I'm a mess! Did I mention, never ever, try to plan a wedding, while working full-time, while finishing an MBA.

Since I hyped up, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to Freddie-the opossum that lives outside of my apartment. I am on the second floor so we he is in the tree we are eye-level! I think something might be wrong with Freddie because opossum are supposed to be nocturnal, but he has been running around during the day.

No, mom, he does not have rabies-I actually learned this week that opossums are not related to rodents, they are marsupials and rarely are infected with rabies and rarely transmits diseases to humans because of their low body temperatures.

Anyway, here's Freddie:

Just kidding!!! But wouldn't that be funny? Seriously, here he is:

His name is an ode to my brother, Carter, who as a little boy would name everything some version of Fred: Fred, Freddie, Fredieta, you get the picture. He was an extremely creative child. He also named he spotted gecko, Spot.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tucker would hate me...

Can you believe there is a product like this for sale? Evidently, even American dogs are lazy. Tucker would not be having it! Happy Friday from Chelsea and Tucker!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gavin is trying to tell me something...

If you regularly read this blog or know me personally, you know I have had an over 11 year obsession with Mr. Gavin Rossdale. In junior high and high school I covered my bedroom walls with posters of him, I took guitar lessons to try and learn every Bush song, and even today, as a 25 year old, I call my car Gavin...yes my car.

He and I have since gone our separate ways, I guess the timing was never right...he is married to Gwen Stefani and has 2 children with her. And I have moved on too, with Jason and am getting married in just a few months on May 23. We are okay with the paths that we have chosen...or so I thought.

How ironic that Gavin will be making a Houston appearance at the House of Blues the very day after my wedding - on Sunday, May 24. We all know what he plans to do...bust in on my wedding and try to get me to run away with him. His May 24 concert is just a ploy!

Pictured here, on his journey to find me...
He will stop at nothing to get me...Pictured here, years ago, the first time he saw me. Look how happy he is...

And here singing me a song...

Gavin, it's time to move on. I'm with Jason now.